Immunity Defense+™



Boost your Immune System

Immunity Defense+ is loaded with Beta Glucan and Elderberry

  • 9 immunity boosting ingredients
  • Developed for athletes
  • Fits in your pocket | ready to eat
  • Take daily | Stay in the game​
  • Starting at $2.60/serving​
  • Ready to ship
  • 35 Calories | 0 added sugars
  • Trial
  • Monthly
  • 3-Month


Discover Equip's Modules

Vitamins that help boost Energy, Focus, & Your Immune System

Select one or combine modules into one convenient EQUIP Shot. Personalized supplements prepared & delivered direct to you.​​

Pure Energy™​

Helps deliver a bright and focused energy boost with added nootropic and cognitive performance not found in other energy products. Includes vitamins for energy like organic guayusa + vitamins B6 & 12.

Immunity Defense™

Loaded with the vitamins your need to boost your immune system. 9 recommended immunity-boosting ingredients including Elderberry and Beta Glucan in 1 convenient module.

Sharp Focus™

Nootropic supplements help improve key brain function, aid memory, enhance muscular power output, sharpen agility, and delay fatigue. This module will be offered in multiple strengths.

How to use?

Your daily supplements together in a fruit shot! ​

Equip™ delivers premium, clinically studied supplement ingredients infused into a convenient, ready to eat fruit shot. Customize with Immunity Defense™, Pure Energy™ or both. Pick from two great flavors, enjoy at home or fire it into you pocket for when you are out crushing your goals! ​

Supplement Facts​

Vitamins that help boost Energy, Focus, & Your Immune System

Takezo™ personalized supplements contain only what you need and none of what you don’t. Transparent Labels & No Proprietary Blends. You will always know what’s inside.​ Takezō collaborates with athletes, tactical operators, gamers, and other Takezō consumers to understand their goals and needs. We then work with food scientists, nutritionists, and ingredient suppliers to curate functional modules that work. Many of our key ingredients are selected because they are backed by clinical trials with positive outcomes.

No Added Sugars

No Artificial Flavors

No BPA Packaging

No Soy​

No Gluten​

No Added Coloring