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  • Immunity Defense™
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  • 1x Amatea™
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Discover Equip's Modules

Helps Boost Energy, Focus, & Your Immune System

Helps provide bright and focused energy plus enhanced nootropic and cognitive performance not found in other energy products. Module powered by organic AMATEA® + vitamins B6 & 12.
Formulated based on the latest scientific knowledge to help fend off threats to your immune system. We crammed 9 top recommended immunity-boosting ingredients into 1 convenient module.
Developed to help improve key brain function, aid memory, enhance muscular power output, sharpen agility, and delay fatigue. This module will be offered in multiple strengths.​

How to use?

01. Twist Off

02. Squeeze to Shoot​

03. Stay In The Game!​​

*Subscriptions automatically renew and can be cancelled at any time. Subscriptions cancelled before the minimum number of shipments are completed are subject to a charge equal to the difference between the regular and subscription prices. Takezo will charge your card on file.
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