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Energy Boosters for Spartan Racers

Energy Boosters for Spartan Racers

If you are a determined person who likes challenges and does not easily give up, then you might enjoy participating in a Spartan Race, the world’s premier obstacle course race. Participants get to experience a series of obstacle courses that vary in distance and difficulty. This series of obstacles include Spartan Ultra, Spartan Beast, Spartan Super, and Spartan Sprint. What’s more, is that the Spartan Race also hosts military series on military bases.
In addition, Spartan Race hosts a variety of events not only for the military but also for everyone. Anyone can participate in their races, including beginners, athletes, runners, triathletes, CrossFit and parkour athletes, and basically, anyone who wants to try and challenge themselves. How about kids, you ask? There is also a series of fun and safe obstacles for children to experience. Spartan Kids Race is made for kids aging 4 to 13 years old. Younger kids can experience and enjoy climbing, jumping, and crawling, while older kids can compete and challenge one another.
At this point, if you are already thinking about participating in a Spartan Race very soon, you must prepare and condition your mind and body. You also want to train your strength, agility, and cardiovascular system. Also, it is essential to bear in mind that joining the Spartan Race is not all about brute strength. Instead, it is about learning the right and proper techniques that will help you save a ton of energy, and avoid injury.

Energy Boosters Before The Race

To get through the series of challenges in a Spartan Race, you need to boost your energy before the race and depending on the length during the race.

What you should look for in a pre-race energy source:

  • Vitamin B12 – which is one of the most well-known sources of energy. It affects energy metabolism, brain function, and red blood cell development, which is essential if you want a successful athletic performance.
  • Vitamin B6 – B6 helps you metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to turn into energy.  It also helps support immune function, create neurotransmitters, and hemoglobin that will promote greater oxygen levels in red blood cells.
  • Guayusa – a bright and focused energy source, that lacks the crash and nervousness that caffeine can have, & can be used to improve your training and take your performance up a notch. Guayusa boosts your physical and mental energy levels in a way that helps you maintain focus. It also helps control your cortisol levels that can spike while training and competing. Guayusa is a naturally occurring energy source, as well as antioxidants, rutin, and amino acids.
Guayusa also has nootropic benefits that may help improve your training and race results, including heightened mental focus, enhanced mood and motivation, and increased serotonin & dopamine levels.

Foods to avoid before the race:

  • Deep-fried foods, such as bacon, pastries, and sausages
  • Avoid dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt.
  • Avoid consuming fatty foods before the race since the body consumes extra energy in digesting them.

Energy Boosters During The Race

Furthermore, after preparing well, building your muscles, and eating the right food before the race, it would also help if you know what food you can eat during the event. Replenishing energy during the race is necessary, especially when you want to complete a long-distance race with intense obstacles. But, it is also crucial that you do not overfeed yourself because this can cause digestive discomfort.

Before the race, you can pack an energy booster like Takezo’s Pure Energy for races, snack bars, and a bottle of fluids with electrolytes in advance. Then, during the race, you can divide the snack bar and eat it at least every hour to keep you going. At the same time, you can drink your electrolytes at least every 20 minutes.

On the other hand, avoid drinking soda, cordials, and fruit juices during the race because their sugar concentrations may cause discomfort.

What To Eat After The Race

It is essential that you hydrate yourself after the race to replenish the fluid you lost. You can drink isotonic drinks, sports drinks, or liquids that have similar concentrations of sugar and salt as the human body.

In addition, you can grab carbohydrate-rich snacks at least an hour after the race. These foods can include energy bars, banana sandwiches, red bean buns, and the like. Then, after 2 to 3 hours from finishing the race, you can already have a balanced meal composed of carbohydrates (such as pasta, potatoes, and rice), protein (such as chicken and fish), and good fats (such as avocados and nut butter).

It is also important to boost your immune system!  Moderate workouts can boost your immunity, while training or competing hard will depress immune cell function.

Takezo’s Immunity Defense is a perfect daily, pre/post race routine to boost your immune system while you train and compete hard. We have formulated the Immunity Defense™ module based on the latest scientific knowledge. It is loaded with vitamins C, D, Zinc, Elderberry, Selenium, B12, Beta Glucan, calcium, & biotin + other vitamins recommended by experts to help defend your immune system.


Supplements for Spartan Race athletes are a must because they help the body reduce fatigue and improve performance. Supplements also contribute to immunity, help athletes in their training capacity, and benefit physique changes, such as an increase in muscle mass.

Moreover, dietary restrictions cut out certain foods from your diet, which can mean that you are not getting all the nutrients that your body needs. You can fill them in by taking supplements or vitamins to meet your body’s nutritional requirements.

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