Our Story

Where we came from…

The Takezo story begins with the story of our co-founder and current CEO.  Reid was adopted at birth by two amazing people Robert and Sharon and was naturally curious about his biological ancestry and any genetic health concerns that might be lurking. As a life-long competitive athlete, Reid was also wanted a deeper understanding of what nutrition was right (or wrong) for him.

Reid took an at-home DNA test and used those results to obtain his comprehensive health and wellness report. The report revealed Reid had nothing notable to worry about on the disease risk spectrum and has quite a promising outlook regarding lifespan including multiple longevity genes & SNP’s. Most curious for Reid were the nutrigenomic insights, including:

  • Possible harm from supplementing with Vitamin E
  • Genetic vitamin d deficiency
  • ~32% reduced conversion of beta-carotene into retinol
  • ~26.7% poorer conversion of ala into omega-3 epa

Seeking to learn more about the best nutrition for him, Reid participated in the Predict 2 study, a follow-up to the Predict1 which proved that we ALL process nutritional components differently; even identical twins react differently to the same nutrition. The study results titled ‘Human postprandial responses to food and potential for precision nutrition.’ were published in Nature Medicine June of 2020.
the which provided:

Reid, having quantified his human performance profile was now swimming in personal nutrigenomics data. He started to look for solutions that could turn the data into personalized solutions to supplement his diet and fuel his performance at home, work, play, and competition. Reid was staggered to learn of the lack of one-stop personalized precision nutritional options; there were few solutions.

The serial entrepreneur in Reid took over and Takezo was launched to fill this solution gap. The Takezo purpose is to provide quantified athletes with personalized performance products based on their unique biology, lifestyle and needs. The Team at Takezo is curating an ecosystem where athletes at all levels have access to both the technology and best available products they need to fuel their unique performance requirements and perform at their individual best.

Come Join Us on our Mission to be the most effective, inspirational & trusted human performance marketplace – period.