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The Takezo story begins with one of our co-founders and current CEO (Reid A. Block), a lifelong competitive athlete, and a serial entrepreneur. For a little background, Reid was adopted at birth (by two amazing people Robert and Sharon) and was naturally curious about his biological ancestry. Reid wanted to identify any genetic health concerns might be lurking, what nutrition was right (or wrong) for him and learn about his status regarding any positive genes like Fox03, a longevity gene.
Reid took the 23&Me at home DNA test and used those results to obtain his comprehensive health and wellness reports from Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s ‘Found My Fitness’. The resulting outcome revealed he had nothing notable to worry about on the disease risk spectrum. Fortunately, Reid has quite a promising outlook with four Fox03 SNP’s that may increase lifespan and quite a few other longevity genes & SNP’s. What was most curious was the nutrigenomic insights, that included amongst many other insights:

Reid was also a study participant in comprehensive Predict 2 study which provided Reid with a personalized list of what foods are best for him and at what time of the day, and provided a score for specific foods based on his blood sugar stress/gut health impact(microbiome)/avoidance of food-driven inflammation/blood fat stress.  The Predict 2 results also provide gut health analysis from microbiome testing, and Reid’s gut health was poor. Predict2 provided him with a 4-week plan to improve his gut health.  He also received the Zoe app that shows him what foods are good / bad for him and provides meal tracking and journal with histories.  Importantly as the Zoe scientific data knowledge expands and improves, so does Reid’s food scores.

On a relevant side note, the Predict1 study is where they scientifically & without a doubt proved that we ALL process nutritional components completely differently than one another, astonishingly even identical twins react complete differently to the same nutrition. The study results titled ‘Human postprandial responses to food and potential for precision nutrition.’ were published in Nature Medicine June of 2020.      

Reid, now swimming in his personal nutrigenomics data, started to look for nutritional solutions that could use that data and turn it into personalized nutritional solutions to supplement his diet and fuel his performance at home, work, play, and competition.  He was staggered to learn of the glaring lack of one-stop personalized precision nutritional options; there were few solutions, other than some personalized vitamin pill packs.   

Concurrently Reid was diving deep in the food & beverage industry with a focus on better- for- you functional ingredients with transparent & clean labels. He began to explore if there was a large opportunity somewhere in the personalized precision nutrition space and began to answer some these questions

Reid realized the potential for a massive opportunity, and he set out to launch Takezo.  Reid began to assemble a team of leaders, directors, advisors, professional services, and industry partners to deliver personalized precision nutrition and technologies that enable their consumer to perform at their best.

Many on the team at Takezo are athletes across a broad range of pursuits and competitive achievements, and everyone at Team Takezo personifies our targeted consumers, as performance focused who constantly:

Importantly the team assembled at Takezo are seasoned at starting, scaling, building business value & defensible moats, and exiting.  They include a cogent spectrum of businesses experience in startups through enterprise scale environments with up to $6billion in annual profit and loss responsibility.  The team has best in class depth in:

Reid in leadership with co-founder and COO Andy Johnston, and the creative talent of Mesut Celik focused with the world class team at Takezo over 18 months to determine the organizational structure and operating agreement, Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy, conducted extensive market and consumer research, iterated operational, marketing and financial tactics, developed the consumer precision nutrition products/technologies, and deployed the enabling business process’, manufacturing, and technology, identified brand partnerships & sponsorship opportunities, as well as landed an agreement with Takezo’s first e-tailer.

Takezo’s products are solutions that address significant gaps in the current market space, with large current addressable markets which also show high growth on a CAGR basis.  First to market are Takezo’s symbiotic Equip supplements and GeneLytics DNA technology. Equip FIT are Personalized Daily Supplements in a ready-to-eat format in three delicious and on trend fruit puree flavors Spiced Apple, Banana Berry, and Mango.  These shots are configured by our consumer and currently have 87billion potential ingredient combinations.  Our consumer can re-configure their shot as their needs change; every order if they want. 

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