Organic Prebiotic Soluble Fiber

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Organic Prebiotic Soluble Fiber 

Found Takezō Energy

For: Prebiotics, dietary fiber, & healthy gut function    


  • Source of prebiotics to assist in healthy gut function and minimize digestive issues 
  • Corn-free dietary fiber for improved digestive health 
  • The natural dietary fiber found in plants, consumed regularly, helps to support good digestive health. Dietary fiber from plants also works as a prebiotic, nourishing healthy bacteria in the gut for improved digestion and intestinal balance. 
  • Most people consume about one third of the recommended daily serving of fiber each day. When the body is not getting the recommended amount of daily fiber, it has a harder time maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels. 
  • A diet rich in fiber can help support healthy weight management by promoting feelings of satiety or fullness in addition to supporting healthy elimination 

 Quality Control1: 

Sourced, tested, and blended at a WADA & GMP compliant facility. 

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