Organic AMATEA™ Guayusa

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Organic AMATEA™ Guayusa is a naturally derived source of energy that comes from the Amazon…it gives you stamina, it lifts your spirits, it makes you want to be the best you can be. A superbly clean & focused energy ingredient 

Amazonian Hunters call guayusa the “Night Watchman” because it sharpens their awareness and gives them energy when heading into the jungle at night to hunt. Guayusa’s effect is usually experienced as a bright and focused energy thanks to healthy synergistic compounds that help balance the naturally occurring caffeine.  

Organic Guayusa is an amazing super-leaf found in the Amazon Rainforest, and only grows in the upper Amazon basin of Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. It contains naturally occurring caffeine, polyphenol antioxidants and amino acids for clean & balanced energy. The unique leaf extraction process of this patented ingredient yields standardized levels of these plant phytochemicals for Focused Energy. 

Pronounced “gwhy-you-sa”, it is a caffeinated Amazonian super-leaf of the holly species that contains a unique blend of caffeine and polyphenol antioxidants providing a clean, balanced, energy. AMATEA™ organic guayusa extract has a unique fingerprint standardized at 20% caffeine, 30% chlorogenic acids (an antioxidant similar to what is found in green coffee beans), and 5% catechins.  AMATEA™ also contains other beneficial compounds like rutin (a flavonoid that found in certain fruits and vegetables), and is low in tannins. 

Guayusa vs. Yerba Mate: Guayusa wins hands down as a it contains 20% more polyphenolic antioxidants, and 70% less tannins.  

Nutritional Compounds naturally present in the guayusa leaves contain both the chlorogenic acids, (CGA) similar to those found in coffee plants, and the catechins found in tea.  Its unique antioxidant profile allows for delivery or rapid absorption of the water-soluble compounds, namely the chlorogenic acids for enhanced antioxidant activity in the plasma and cardiovascular system as well as more complex catechins that aid in digestive health. However, energy is one of the primary functional attributes of this plant. Qualitative analytical research demonstrates that the guayusa leaves contain a range of caffeine from 2% – 7.5% and may also contain other energy stimulating based compounds, albeit in smaller quantities, like theobromine. 

Social Responsibility: 

INDEPENDENT FARMING FAMILIES – AMATEA™ is exclusively produced by independent farming families, not industrial plantations. Their farms are not mono crop systems, instead farmers plant guayusa in similar growing techniques to agroforestry and permaculture in which crops are grown among trees and other vegetation utilizing patterns observed in nature. Growing in this method reduces the need to degrade or cut down the forest and creates a more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy, ecologically sound, and sustainable land-use system. [Insert Drone video’s here] 


Their farms are not mono crop systems, instead farmers plant guayusa in ancient forest gardens known as “chakras” by the Kichwa people. Chakras apply similar growing techniques to agroforestry and permaculture in which crops are grown among trees and other vegetation utilizing patter ns observed in nature. Growing in this method reduces the need to degrade or cut down the forest and creates a more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy, ecologically sound, and sustainable land-use system.  


Guayusa is shade-grown, in these forest gardens, under a canopy of more than 50 different native hardwood trees. Guayusa shrubs typically reach an average of 10m high and present a multitude of stems that measure 2 to 15 cm at breast height before they are harvested. The olive-green leaves of Ilex guayusa are perennial and about 5cm long, with small white flowers. Fresh guayusa leaves, used in part to make AMATEA™ guayusa extract, are regularly purchased from over 3000 Kichwa farming families.  


Some science: 

Clinical research evaluated the effect of AMATEA™ organic guayusa extract on neurotransmitter functions. The study focused on extracellular levels of Dopamine (DA), Serotonin (5-HT), Norepinephrine (NE), Histamine (HA), and Acetylcholine (ACh) in the medial prefrontal cortex of rats. These specific biomarkers not only control mood and motivation, but also influence key Executive Functions such as flexible thinking, working memory, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, and organization. 

AMATEA™ contains 20% (w/w) caffeine and 30% (w/w) chlorogenic acids. Administration of the AMATEA™ induced robust and significant elevation of several neurotransmitters in the rat prefrontal cortex relative to the control. 

Caffeine has both therapeutic benefits and negative side-effects in how it interacts with the body. One vindicating factor is due to an adrenal medulla response to caffeine in the release of epinephrine, a “fight-or-flight” hormone (Krieger, 2016). Therefore, side-effects of caffeine resemble those same feelings of flightiness or anxiety that are associated when the body is under stress. Consumers likely know what this feels like after they have had one too many cups of coffee.   

In a double-blind crossover clinical trial, subjects were given 200 mg of caffeine from AMATEA™ organic guayusa extract, a green coffee extract, and a synthetic control, the results showed that the guayusa leaf extract stimulated a significantly lower increase in epinephrine when compared to what was provoked by the control and the green coffee extract (Krieger, 2016). 

The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is important for the modulation of executive function tasks, including learning categorization, inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility, working memory and behavioral flexibility. This study aimed at examining the extracellular levels of the following Neurotransmitters in the rat prefrontal cortex (PFC): dopamine (DA), norepinephrine (NE), serotonin (5-HT), histamine (HA), acetylcholine (ACh) after administration of AMATEA™. Effective and enhanced release of our brain’s neurotransmitters can enhance mood, decrease stress, increase motivation and cognitive performance to name a few. For example, histamine has been associated with states of wakefulness and also has been positively correlated with attention and learning benefits, whilst Acetylcholine has been associated with cognitive and arousal function. Serotonin is important for proper functioning of the cortex in relation to emotional, cognitive function, and overall perceptions of happiness and wellbeing. Dopamine and norepinephrine play major roles in working memory and attention in addition to many other central nervous system activities. 

Results of this study demonstrate that extracellular levels of NE, 5-HT, HA, ACh, and DA in the rat PFC were significantly increased by the administration of AMATEA™ treatment as compared to vehicle alone in a timedependent manner. Further evaluation of the DA increase following guayusa treatment using area under the curve (AUC) analysis showed a very significant and pronounced response. This study aides in demonstrating how the nootropic benefits of AMATEA™ as described by individuals when consuming guayusa can be explained through its positive and pronounced impact guayusa has on the ability to enhance the release of important brain stimulating hormones. 

U.S. Patent #9345707 – As the sole supplier of AMATEA™ guayusa extract, Applied Food Sciences is the exclusive inventor and owner of a process patent covering the production of enriched natural guayusa, from a single source plant, containing antioxidants, amino acids, and caffeine. This novel process converts fresh guayusa leaves into a healthier energy ingredient standardized for caffeine and polyphenol antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and catechins. 

Customization Options Coming Soon: 

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