Immunity Defense™ can help boost your immune system.


Immunity Defense™

Our Immunity Defense™ module is available during personalization when ordering Equip™. We have formulated the Immunity Defense™ module based on the latest scientific knowledge. It is loaded with vitamins C, D, Zinc, Elderberry, Selenium, B12, Beta Glucan + other vitamins recommended by experts to help defend your immune system.

  • All-natural and expert-recommended

  • Available in two defense payloads​

  • Conveniently added to your Daily Equip™​

  • Helps support immunity during periods of intense training​

Premium Ingredients

Offered in two strengths: Immunity Defense & Immunity Defense +. Immunity Defense + includes twice the Vitamin C & D, and Elderberry Juice’

Vitamin C

0 %

Vitamin D

0 %

Vitamins B12

0 %


0 %

Beta Glucan

0 mg

Elderberry Juice

0 mg


0 %


0 %


0 mg

Do You Experience These?

Equip Immunity Defense™ helps combat the key​ factors that can lower immunity in an athlete, operator, gamer, or busy professional.

Stay In The Game!​

You train hard to Perform @ Your Best™, according to numerous studies over the past 35 years, training hard may lower your immune function.Takezō’s scientists have reviewed the research papers and scientific recommendations and configured Immunity Defense™ so you can focus on your training goals.

Do you believe the experts at Cleveland Clinic and Healthline, do you tune into Joe Rogan, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, or even Dr. Fauci? In one product we included the supplements they recommend to support a healthy immune system.

Pure Energy™

Did You Know?

Caffeine can improve memory, decrease fatigue,
improve your mental functioning, study after study suggests.

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