Wellness Genomics​

Make wellness choices based
on the unique needs of your body.




Use Existing
DNA Data

Nutritional Traits

Use these reports to personalize
your Takezo FIT products, or others

Takezo GeneLytics™ uses the genome from your existing DNA report to generate a library of trait analysis reports

Diet and Metabolism Traits
21 traits in total
Vitamins and Minerals Traits
28 traits in total
Fitness and Exercise Traits
27 traits in total
Personalityy Profile Traits
21 traits in total
Skin Proflie Traits
20 traits in total
Allergies and Sensitivities Traits
23 traits in total
  • GeneLytics™ is powered by LifeNome which employs the most rigorous platform currently available to deliver genetics-based wellness information that allows you to make the best decisions for you.

Your DNA information can tell you so much more than where you come from

Variations in your genes (called SNPs) define your uniqueness, impacting

How your body processes micro- and macro-nutrients.

What foods, vitamins, minerals may be your Superhero blend, or your kryptonite.

Your muscles and
joints structure.

Nutrient gaps…and
some you may not need.

And we learn
more every day.


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