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Secrets From The Pros

AMPHuman checked in with 8x Mountain Running Champion Joe Gray, 2x Olympian Mountain Biker Lea Davison, and Ironman Champion and Kona hopeful Skye Moench, on the ways they train and compete with PR Lotion. Check out what the pros have to say about their daily routines.

How often do you use PR Lotion? For what kind of training or competition?

Joe: I use PR Lotion everyday! On competition days I will usually apply it twice to get a bigger boost for competition.

Lea: I use PR Lotion every day (unless it’s an easy day or recovery day). It’s especially important for races and high intensity intervals.

Skye: I use PR lotion anytime I have a hard session (intense intervals, prolonged intervals, etc), and I will use it after sessions for recovery when I am particularly fatigued and sore.

How do you apply it? Do you have a specific routine with PR Lotion?

Joe: I massage a large amount into the muscles that will be doing the biggest load of work for the day.

Lea: For a mountain bike race, it's really important for me to apply it before the race and then wipe off my hands as much as possible so nothing is slippery on my handlebars. If my wife, Frazier is there or a soignuer, I have them put PR Lotion on my quads so there's no chance of my hands getting slippery. For training rides, I just apply before I head out the door and give my hands a good wash!

Skye: I always get dressed in my workout clothes first, and then I apply PR Lotion. If I’m wearing bike shorts I just pull the shorts up and apply the lotion rigorously. Almost like a quick massage to get it all worked in, then I put my shorts back down. I apply a lot and rub it in well! I like to let it dry for a brief moment before putting clothing back over.

Anything unique people should know about using PR Lotion that might not be obvious?

Joe: It's great for use during massages and leaves you feeling more refreshed afterwards!

Lea: Using PR Lotion really helps my legs feel good on intense intervals. The interval burn sets in later than usual, and I truly feel like I can push my limits more!

Skye: PR Lotion can be used as a recovery tool as well! I have applied it in the evening to my very sore swim shoulders, and I wake up the next day and feel like I have a new set of arms. ~ AMPHuman

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