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Rally Cycling shared the following announcement and interview with rider Katie Clouse at the time of their 2021 partnership renewal with Amp Human.

Rally Cycling is pleased to announce a renewal of its partnership with industry-leading human performance brand, Amp Human, which has been in place since 2017. Amp Human is a brand that is continuously looking for advancements in science, and new ways to help improve an athlete's performance, which symbolizes Rally Cycling's ethos, and empowers the riders to #GetReadyForTomorrow.

The team got its hands on the new and improved PR Lotion formula at a recent training camp in Moab, Utah. New recruit and Utah-native Katie Clouse can attest to its benefits.

“I know [PR Lotion] works. When I put it on, I have definitely feel the difference. I have confidence in the product, and it works for me.”

Having confidence in a product is key, and it’s why Rally Cycling works with brands that produce leading products the team trusts.

“I have done a lot of research about it too, so I know the background behind it and what they use in the product,” Clouse added.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that the PR Lotion has a positive impact on increasing power output, improving muscle efficiency, and reducing muscle soreness – all key areas of a rider’s regime whether they’re racing or training.

“I have used it before nearly every big race that I have done,” adds Katie. “I’ve used PR Lotion for all of my World Championships races and all of my World Cup races. I’ll also use it before interval training so pretty much every big race or ride, I use it.”

With proven success in past races and training sessions, the riders are particularly pleased with the continued support from Amp Human.

As the women's team continues to ramp up their intensity before they head to Europe, and with the men’s team already mid-way through a block of racing, the riders are looking forward to another successful year with Amp Human at their side and on their legs.

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