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Geraint Thomas: Road to the Tour

Amp Human athlete and advisor, Geraint Thomas, is headed to the Tour de France as a hopeful two-time champion. AMP Human caught up with him about his preparation for the Tour, his expectations for the race, and how PR Lotion has supported his training.

This appears to be Ineos Grenadiers' strongest Tour de France squad ever, with three grand tour winners, and multiple potential team leaders (You, Carapaz, Porte) in the race. Since INEOS hasn't announced a leader, does having so many potential leaders make racing as a team complicated?
It doesn’t make it too complicated because we’ll have a bit of a pecking order anyway. It’s not like we’ve got four guys who are being protected by everyone - it just gives us a few more cards to play. We'll just see what the situation is once we get started and go from there.

Which stage will be the decider at the Tour? Are there any stages that are particularly challenging?
The mountain stages in the last week are going to be very challenging, but the last TT will be as crucial as the six mountain stages. The first few days are also very stressful, but at the same time I’m looking forward to getting going!

What kind of form are you in at present? Do you have tips for performing and recovering at such a high level?
I'm feeling really good about my form. There aren't any secrets, it's just about hard work. This was a more traditional build up to the year with no races cancelled, that's helped a lot. Also just nutrition. Eating the right foods at the right times - proteins, carbs - are vital to recovery.

What are your training essentials for the Tour?
Sticking to the plan and believing in the process is key. I focus on myself to ensure I get to the start line in the best shape. Beyond that it’s about keeping it simple and sticking to training, nutrition and recovery processes that work for me. PR Lotion is a big part of that for preparation and recovery in both training and at the races. It really helps with hard sessions, TTs and recoveries.

How often do you use PR Lotion? Do you have a specific routine?
I use it on any hard session on the turbo or on the road – and definitely for TT”s. I bang it all over my legs and glutes about 90 mins beforehand so it can fully absorb. It's much better than drinking bicarb as that sits in your gut and can make you feel rough. PR Lotion gives you a good buffer from lactic acid and works really well for me.

What's the trick to defeating Tadej Pogacar and Primoz Roglic? Other than them, who do you see as the main threats at the Tour?
The trick to beating them is not getting hung up on them. Just racing the race and not being fixated on those two guys - there are a lot of other strong teams. There’s a lot of depth across other teams these days that will make it an exciting race.

Beyond the Tour, what targets do you have?
The Olympics are a big goal - we’re heading straight there after the tour.

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