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For the Love of Trails

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In honor of the great outdoors and the freedom it gives us AMP Human interviewed six Amp Human athletes to learn about the trails they most love to spend their time on. In a time when it's so important to reap the benefits of nature, we hope these beautiful trails inspire you to safely enjoy your own trails.

Ashley Carelock, Pro-Cyclist, Rodeo Labs Pro Gravel Team

"Probably Blackhawk pass….Well, really the Colorado trail, which is Blackhawk. It’s my favorite because, not only is it beautiful, but it challenges riders in the best possible way. High altitude, technical sections with epic flowing descents that leave you with a perma-smile. Quite frankly, that trail is just magical."

Ashley Carelock, Blackhawk Trail, Rico, CO

Hannah Finchamp, Pro-Cyclist, Orange Seal Offroad Team

"The Whole Enchilada is my favorite trail because of the variety that it offers. Over the course of the trail the terrain changes drastically, from high alpine loomy riding, to desert terrain, and ending with chunky and rocky descents. The trail challenges both a bike and it's rider and in many ways it has challenged me and taught me what I'm capable of."

Hannah Finchamp, The Whole Enchilada, Moab, UT

Joe Gray, Mountain Running World Champion

"I don’t have a favorite really. I just love exploring. So many of my favorite routes wouldn't be in Strava." (This is why he's the GOAT!)

"I do keep coming back to the Redbull Dolomitenmann. I'm a junkie for team competitions. Working together with 3 other athletes competing in 3 different sports brings excitement and drama to the event unlike no other. The terrain is what keeps me going back. It gets muddy and steep in many of the spots and I love that. It is almost a mixture of cross country terrain within a steep vertical mountain race. Best of both worlds in one place!"

Joe Gray, Red Bull Dolomitenmann, Lienz, Austria

PC: Red Bull Dolomitenmann 

Jacky Hunt-Broersma, Ultra Runner, WR Holder

"My favorite trail to run is Loblolly in Umstead, Raleigh. It's not far from my house and it's the first trail I ever ran. It gives you a good amount of climbing (for Raleigh standards, haha!). It has plenty of roots and rocks and stream crossings too which keeps you focused."

Jacky Hunt-Broersma, Loblolly Trail, Umstead, Raleigh

Brian Tolbert, Pro-Sufferer

"My favorite “trail” is only kind of a trail. I love [Crown of the Snake] trail because it’s my test piece, it has a little bit of everything and to run it fast you have to be able to climb, run technical off trail and be able to finish strong and fast downhill. The trail starts with a mine road that climbs 2500 feet in 2.5 miles. From there you gain the ridge line and scramble off trail across the technical ridge line over 2 peaks- over 10,000 ft. Once you come off that last peak you drop down some fast single track then to a dirt road where you can really put the hammer down."

Brian Tolbert, Crown of the Snake Trail, Midway, UT

Adam Vadeboncoeur, Ultra Runner, Cyclist

"I just moved back to Boulder, CO and a trail I was greatly looking forward to having in my backyard is The Betasso Preserve. It was one of the first trails my wife and I rode when we initially moved to Boulder in 2015, which helped make a lasting impression, plenty of amazing canyon views, and excellent flowy single track (much of which is directional). For trail running, mountain biking, and hiking - this is certainly one of my favs!"

Adam Vadeboncoeur, Betasso Preserve, Boulder, CO

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