We want you to own part of Takezo LLC

For You – By Us…

Takezo LLC launched an SEC Registered CF (equity crowd funding) campaign on the selective investment platform WeFunder. We couldn’t think of a better way to launch our products into the market, than with consumers who:

    • put skin in the game,
    • collaborate & partner with us,
    • amplify the message, and
    • share in some of the potential upside in Takezo.

From the beginning of our journey, we’ve focused on building a company that is “For You (the consumer), By Us (Takezō)”.  This focus has landed us on personalized nutrition products, which is globally poised to reach $130b in five years .

As we continue to build Takezō our goal is to establish meaningful relationships with our consumers, listen to what their missions are, what they are trying to achieve, and where their gaps are. Doing this will enable us to provide trusted products that our consumers can rely upon and it is  the best way to personalize your Takezō experiences & functional nutrition. Part of our relationship with our consumers includes giving back to the communities in which we operate and to causes most important to them.

Where we came from…

The Takezō journey started decades ago, as one of our co-founders was competing in motorcycle and mountain/road bike endurance events. Reid, being hypoglycemic found it difficult to find off the shelf sports nutrition that didn’t contain loads of sugar or artificial ingredients.

Fast forward to 2017, having spent time consulting in the direct to consumer, ingredient and beverage space, Reid noticed some trends, gaps, and a significant market opportunity to be developed. Reid recognized a distinct lack of transparency in the health supplement industry and continuing erosion of consumer trust in the quality and efficacy of available products. Additionally, there were few zero-added sugar products that offered the consumer both function and great taste.

Takezō was started with the idea that consumers must be part of the product development journey and ultimately will expect and deserve access to functional foods that are customized for them. Today Takezō has started that journey with a line of products that taste great and deliver on functionality while having zero added sugars and are loaded with non-GMO & organic ingredients. Many of our ingredients are trademarked by our ingredient suppliers, and were chosen by Takezo because the ingredient suppliers back up the ingredients with clinical studies that produced positive outcomes. More than that, Takezō is at the trailhead of building a community in which consumers and Takezō can partner to create functional products customized for each consumer’s specific health needs.

Where we are going…

The Takezō Vision is a world where everyone is able to achieve their mission and goals with purpose, without compromising their values. We envision a world of clean oceans | waterways, void of metabolic syndrome & preventable chronic disease.

Our Mission is To be the most effective, inspirational, and trusted personal performance brand in the world.

We will achieve this Mission by: Delivering Premium, Personalized, & Customized Solutions Consumers Deserve

What Drives us is to be an inspiration to athletes, scholars, e-sports, artists, explorers/adventurers, and working professionals while they

  • Achieve greatness in all that they set out to do
  • Maintain their core values
  • Create positive and measurable outcomes for their communities and the world as a whole
  • Build a tribe of mentors for younger generations


  • Know the Way
    • Be deliberate
    • Know what success looks like
    • Pay attention to the details
    • Never compromise quality
  • Push the limits with your experiences: Fail Fast, Fail Forward
  • Take ownership and get it done
  • Know when to lead & when to follow
  • Be curious, innovate, and constantly improve
  • Build Trust: Be authentic, transparent, and operate with integrity
  • Challenge yourself, team(s), and process, in the pursuit of excellence
  • Listen, communicate, collaborate, & build high performing teams focused on the mission and strategy
  • Be passionate, courageous, and make a positive impact
  • Inspire passion, adventure, and have fun

Please join us as we journey to be the most effective, inspirational, and trusted personal performance brand in the world.



Personalized Functional Nutrition


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Personalized Functional Nutrition