Personalized Supplements​ help boost Energy & Immunity‡


Helps boost energy and boost your immune system

Personalized Supplements configured by you to help boost human performance​


Discover Equip's Modules

Vitamins that help boost Energy, Focus, & Your Immune System

Select one or combine modules into one convenient EQUIP Shot. Personalized supplements prepared & delivered direct to you.​​
Helps deliver a bright and focused energy boost with added nootropic and cognitive performance not found in other energy products. Includes vitamins for energy like organic guayusa + vitamins B6 & 12.​
Loaded with the vitamins your need to boost your immune system. 9 recommended immunity-boosting ingredients including Elderberry and Beta Glucan in 1 convenient module.​
Nootropic supplements help improve key brain function, aid memory, enhance muscular power output, sharpen agility, and delay fatigue. This module will be offered in multiple strengths.​​

We are in this Together

Tell us what your goals & needs are. This informs us of what we develop next. Without YOU, Takezo™ doesn’t matter.

We believe that a measure of greatness is the number of ‘masters’ that one has left behind, and not just what the individual has achieved by themselves.
Takezō collaborates with athletes, tactical operators, gamers, and other Takezō consumers to understand their goals and needs. We then work with food scientists, nutritionists, and ingredient suppliers to curate functional modules that work. Many of our key ingredients are selected because they are backed by clinical trials with positive outcomes.
Equip is made in a next-generation manufacturing facility that leverages patented robotic technologies, we make your selections to order, and what that means to you is that your first order will be put into our queue, and will ship as soon as it is ready, that’s cool and kind of sucks, as your first order may take a little while to ship. Rest assured if you are on a subscription we will make sure that you have your next orders and beyond at your door before you run out.

How it works

01. Personalize it

Pick a flavor and select modules at your desired payload. Subscribers Save and have the assurance of not running out.

02. We create your personalized Equip™​

Orders are queued as they are received. We produce your Equip™ in a next-generation manufacturing facility.​

03. Straight to you

Takezo™ ships your Equip™ order directly to you. We automatically schedule and ship re-orders to ensure that you never run out.​

No Bullshit!

Takezo™ personalized supplements contain only what you need and none of what you don’t. Transparent Labels & No Proprietary Blends. You will always know what’s inside.​

No Added Sugars

No Artificial Flavors

No BPA Packaging​

No Soy​

No Gluten​

No Added Coloring

Trusted By The Tip Of The Spear

Trusted by operators at the most elite U.S. Army special ops aviation unit.​

Perform @ Your Best™

Battling combatants, competitors, or the computer, Takezo™ has your back.

Human Performance Is Our Mission​

To be the most effective, trusted & inspirational human performance brand - period​.

What people are saying...

I believe personalized nutrition products will find their market value soon, and will be appreciated by millions. I personally want to subscribe and see the positive impact of the product on my health.
Ayçin ÇAKI
Takezo™ Investor
Love the concept well thought out - fills a significant fast growing market need for better quality health supplements ,tailored to personal body chemistry, and in a non pill form.
Eric H Seltzer
Takezo™ Investor
Takezō unlocks nature’s secret for long-lasting energy. Their products make you feel good—and you can feel good taking them, too, because they’re made with ingredients you can trust.
The Editors of Eat This, Not That!
We strive to build meaningful relationships with our consumers, listen to what their missions are and what they are trying to achieve, this will enable us to provide premium products that our consumer trust and rely upon.
Takezo Team
Takezo™ Brand Promise
To be an inspiration to athletes, scholars, gamers/e-sports, artists, explorers/adventurers, and working professionals to achieve greatness in all that they set out to do.
Takezo™' Investor Reason For Being
For the first time, non-pill format dietary supplement sales eclipsed pill formats accounting for 52% of sales across all channels.
Senior industry analyst at Nutrition Business Journal
Taste was great, not super sweet which I like. Felt mentally clear, similar to CBD effects. Was fairly tired when I drank it, but felt noticeably less sluggish than I would. Not necessarily energized, but not thick – headed.
Professional Skateboarder
Takezo™ Focus​
Takezo™ unlocks nature’s secret for long-lasting energy. Their products make you feel good—and you can feel good taking them, too, because they’re made with ingredients you can trust.
The Editors of Eat This, Not That!
Takezo™ LLC

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